Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Why does chicken hate me??????

Since I went to the doctors on Friday and found out I wont be getting a fill until September I have gone a little nuts. My food choices have been horrible and I have stopped logging everything down. This is a scary slippery slope which I am not one hundred percent sure why I have chosen. I was feeling pretty positive after the appointment. Confused now.

Each day I have started with the right attitude but it hasn't even lasted until 10:30am. So tomorrow will be another new start. I am not going to be beaten!!!!
Wish me luck.

I have kept my promise from BYOC and started to pack an afternoon snack which has kept me away from the bread when I got home.

But I haven't been great about the gym as TOM is here and I feel really drained. I will keep trying though. That's all I can really promise.

But regarding the title, everytime I choose a healthy meal that includes chicken, I am sick. Tonight I had chicken cooked in tomato sauce with garlic and onion and pasta. It was low calorie and delicious but after one piece of chicken I was sick. No wonder I am choosing easy foods :-(

I found out this week that some of my friends consider me to ba a fairly negative person! I can honestly say I was shocked. I have always considered myself upbeat, enthusiastic and positive. And I always thought "everything will be great when I finally lose weight". What a shock to find out I am a misery. I read my blog and I think they might be right.

The conversation started because they were discussing my weight loss and said I didn't sound pleased. But I find it very hard to take a compliment and I was always told growing up not to show off so I don't want to be in people's faces about losing weight. I can tell you I am very pleased with myself and love all the changes that are going on in my life. Plus because both my daughters are big I feel guilty about making a big thing of it.
So task for this week is to stay positive and try to show other people that I am very happy, honest!

Oh and I have an update regarding the interview faux pas last week. I emailed the guy yesterday with the correct information and he emailed back today to say my details have been passed to the employer and that he would be in touch by the end of the week so fingers crossed ;-)
Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement, they really helped x

On other news my one and only sister is pregnant. This is huge news because she said she never wanted to have children then she had a miscarriage earlier this year. It was right after she had told everyone so she then had to tell everyone that she had lost the baby. It was really tough. We come from a very small family. My grandmother was an only child and my mother was an only child then there was just me and my sister. Both our parents are dead so its just us.

She is 13 weeks now but has had some problems because she has a heart shaped uterus. But at least they know what to watch out for this time. I am trying not to get too excited but I am beside myself with happiness. I cannot wait to be an Auntie.
And the baby is due on what would have been my grandfathers 100th birthday, how weird is that? Hope its a good omen.

See I have lots to be positive about!


  1. My youngest daughter shares my favorite grandmother's birthday. I wish your sister a healthy, uneventful pregnancy.

    I realize I don't know you in RL, but I don't think of you as a negative person. I guess having that knowledge will help you to keep an eye on it, but don't make yourself crazy about it. That is just one person's opinion.

  2. OMG - yay on you becoming an aunt. And even if you were negative before now that you know you can try to change it now that you feel better physically you know? Way to go on your BYOC goal! Woot!

  3. Keep your chin up, hun. We all have slip ups, but I think you hit the nail on the head: the issues you're having with chicken are causing you to eat easy foods.

    I am sending good, happy thoughts your sister's way. I hope she has a successful and happy pregnancy! :)

  4. So saying a prayer for your sister and her baby...being an auntie rocks!
    Good job on your BYOC.
    As for the other stuff, get a fresh start tomorrow and it will all look better.

  5. Good thoughts sent for your sister! And for you, we will get out of this slump!

  6. A happy healthy nine months to your sister!

    And time to give chicken a rest for a bit, eh? You'll get through it, girl.

  7. Thanks everyone. All is well with the bump so far :-)

  8. Your blog is the perfect place to vent... and that doesn't make you a negative person. Just like not all negative people vent (it CAN come out in other ways). If it means anything, it never crossed my mind that your blog (or you) were negative at all. Maybe you're just hard on yourself? That happens alot in this group of girls!