Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hot Summer Meltdown!

Day one of Hot Summer Meltdown. The scale says 235.6 I think the flash makes it look like 2356 ha ha. I need this challenge SO badly. I was thinking of giving in and joining Weight Watchers or something and along came the challenge. So it saved me from the dreaded diet club.

I can't say I have been great today but I did burn 650cals at the gym so not too shabby. I am looking forward to getting back to work and back to a routine. It's very sad I know. But this weekend was my long weekend off (Fri, Sat Sun) and we went to a Theme park yesterday which meant rubbish food and ice cream but lots of walking.

I have been catching up on posts today and I am very worried about pouch stretching and portion control. It's something I will be watching this week.

I called my Dr's office and made an appointment for the 18th of June to discuss my food choices and maybe a fill. I don't really know if my slow weight loss is because of what I am eating or how much I can eat so I am going to monitor it for the next two weeks and see if that makes a difference.

The other thing on my mind is the fact that I can lie down and flip my port over very easily. They had trouble filling it last time because it was the wrong way round so I am going to ask if it is normal to be able to flip it over. I know from reading posts that most people in the USA have their ports stitched in place so I guess they don't flip?????

Anyhoo I am really in a positive mood and ready for the challenge.
Good luck everyone and much love x


  1. Port does that work? I cannot speak for all the US but my port is stitched in tight I hope!

    You should get back on track by doing what you have just layed out. Good luck to'll do it and start losing again!

  2. Nice profile pic at the top of the page. I think it's new. As to the port flip-nope, mine is stitched in place into the muscle. Maybe ask the doc what he thinks. Wouldn't want it to come lose and wander around inside:-)

    Good luck on the meltdown. I didn't sign up because challenges don't seem to motivate me but watching others do well does. So I will just be a stalker.

  3. Your port flips? Holey Crap! Honestly that would freak me out. My doesn't move and I was told it shouldn't.

    As for the weight watchers. My opinion is IF it is something you like and it works for you it might help jump start the band. I have heard of people doing it during the hard points and it worked well for them. According to my doc there is nothing saying you can't do two things to get healthy - as long as they compliment each other.

  4. My port is stitched in place, so no flippage here. I also am one of those people who don't see anythign wrong with doing weight watchers while on the band, if it is something that works for you. They teach positive food behaviors and would compliment the band well...

  5. Okay, I am totally creeped out by the fact that you can flip your port over!!! LOL! That must feel so weird! Mine is most definitely stitched down -- the only time they've had trouble accessing it was when I was 8 month pregnant. I guess it was pushed around by the baby.

  6. I thought the port flip would sound weird lol. My girls call it my alien baby because its quite prominent. I will get it checked out now ;-)

  7. Yep...get it checked out....mine stays where it should. Do whatever you need to to lose weight....hang in there

  8. Port flipping???? Yikes...I'm with port is anchored into the muscle with some sort of hooks.
    Good luck at your appt.

  9. "The dreaded diet club..." LOL!

    Hot Summer Melt Down it is; go Girl!