Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Well it's that time again. Someone asked me yesterday if I had any resolutions and this started a discussion on the subject. It seems there are 2 camps. Those that do not make resolutions at all and those that make them and break them. I have yet to meet someone that has a different list every year because they have managed to keep the ones from last year.

That said I am a great believer in them because I see it as my intention to examine my life and look at how I can improve myself or my life a little, even if I don't keep them for longer than a few months. It's also a good idea to accept that they may not be long term acheivements. I dont beat myself up if I dont keep them. A small improvement here and there is better than none at all. So here goes. My resolutions for 2011. In no particular order.

Learn to love and accept the band. This means taking responsibility for the work I need to do to make the band a success. This is not just about the weight loss but more about the lifestyle change.

Learn another language, i.e.Italian, I have a CD to listen to in the car and I just watched Eat,Prey, Love which has a lot of Italian in it so it was nice to recognise some of the words. It kind of spurred me on.

Keep a journal. A proper written paper journal. I usually do keep one but last year I slipped a bit and it only lasted for four months. I miss being able to go back and visit myself. So this year I have started again.

Keep up with my vitamins. I need to take iron and I now take a multivitamin but I have also just added a vitamin complex for healthy hair as one of the side affects of the band (for me) is that my hair is getting quite thin. This happened when I did the Lighter Life liquid diet before but I hoped because I was eating food it wouldnt be a problem this time.

Anyway thats pretty much it. I am always trying to be more organised, fitter, less moody, more positive, blog more etc but the above list is more of a specific list I am actively working on.

I would be really interested in your resolutions or why you dont have them.
Good luck, health and happiness for the New Year. xxx