Thursday, 30 December 2010

Just a hello

Hi everyone,

Its so nice to read about everyone's success stories at this time of year. It's traditionally a time for reflection and taking stock. How nice that we all feel so much better than this time last year?

I was feeling a bit down that I have not been doing so well. But while taking stock of the giant changes that have happened in my life this year I realised that for someone like me who doesn't like change I have done remarkably well to be this stable.

So far I have left my job of 10 years (major change), started a whole new job (very hard)and then done the whole new job thing again 10 weeks later! For me that is a huge amount of upheaval in a short amount of time. Oh and I had a gastric band.
And I am still sane, happy and 40lbs lighter. Who would have thought it?

The weight loss hasn't been what I would have hoped for but in all honesty I haven't given it the priority status it has deserved. Something I intend to rectify in the new year when things are more settled on the work front.

My first few weeks in my new job have been amazing. Everyone is really nice and welcoming. We have had lots of social events and freebies. It has been a totally different world for me. That is not always good as some of you will understand. I have sometimes felt like my comfort blanket has been ripped off me and burnt in front of my eyes.

My last job was in Automotive manufacturing so although it was new, the terminology was pretty much the same and the principles were the same too. But now I am in retail which is a whole new world. Every word they use is foreign to me. I cannot deny it is very daunting. Plus they do Everything in Excel, which is also quite new to me. I have used excel in the past but not to this extent. When someone who is very good with excel is showing you what to do it's quite hard to follow. But from experience I know I will get there in the end but I HATE BEING NEW!!!!!!!

Anyhoo I digress. What I am trying to say is that whatever your progress, be it 1lb lost or 100lb (well done!) we have all grown and made positive changes in the last year that we should be very proud of. Just look back at photos of last Christmas "shock".

I hope that everyone has a fantastic New Year. I hope that the amazing changes continue. And I hope that we will all continue to support one another because discovering blogging has probably been THE most positive change of 2010 for me.

Thank you everyone for your help, support and honesty.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fantastic news.

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well and warm. It has been snowing here for a week so of course the South East of England has ground to a halt. We have about 6inches where I live, which is quite a lot for us. I work 20 miles away and they had no snow! Go figure. So there was no point trying to blag a day off. To be honest the main roads were OK so my journey didn't suffer. In fact the roads were much quieter than usual because lots of people didn't go to work.

Anyway on to my fantastic news.
I got the job at Bare Escentuals!!!!!
Me,I did it, I got the most fantastic job. Yay me!

I had to give a weeks notice at my current job. Doesn't sound a lot but that's what they had in my contract. I left yesterday. It was quite sad really as I really liked the people I worked with and had just started to feel like I fit in. But the thought of my dream job helped me feel better.

So the new job is for an Inventory Coordinator. It will be schedules and stock control. Lots of spreadsheets and numbers (my mortal enemies) but once I know what to do I am sure it will be fine. News flash # I really suffer with lack of confidence # something other people do not see??? I must be a good actress. But they liked me enough to give me the job.

So what makes it a dream job? Well the starting salary is almost as much as my last job that I had for ten years, and 4k more than I was getting at the place I just left. After a qualifying period they offer full sick pay, full health care and an annual bonus of 10% of your salary plus a pension.

More importantly the product is make up, which I love and I get 50% of wholesale price!!!!! Suddenly I have a lot of "best friends".

More importantly they are a very supportive company who have a great feeling about them. I have already received a letter from the HR Director saying they are excited for me to join the team. You have to understand I have always worked in manufacturing and they are just interested in what you can do for them. This company seems excited in what I can bring but also how they can help me develop.

They have already sent me my intineray for next week which has 20 min meetings with everyone in the Company including two days working at Soho Square in London, meeting the QVC channel managers, all the Directors and a visit to the Covent Garden Boutique.

I can't tell you how excited I am. If ever a job came up that was everything I needed financially and emotionally then this is it. I thrive on encouragement. Just believe in me and I will rise to the challenge.

I am having my hair cut today and buying some new clothes so I can feel at my best when I meet everyone next week.

I have rambled on a bit I know. Did I mention I was excited?
On the Fiona = Debbie downer side, I am hoping I haven't built it up too much but only time will tell.

I promise I will keep you posted.
Oh and they have already sent me an invite to the Christmas party.

Stay safe and warm. Eat lots of healthy soup.