Saturday, 19 June 2010


If your heart had a singing voice, whose would it be?

MMM this made me think. I had to laugh too because after listening to my heart it sounded like a Disney princess lol

2. What is your most disgusting habit?

Hmm...I think if you asked my husband this he would say not covering my mouth when I sneeze. To be fair I am usually more concerned with crossing my legs and not peeing myself plus there is NEVER any snot.

3. Carmen and I were talking about Chicago and our fears...for those of you going (and those of you not you can answer as if you were going)...what is your biggest fear?

Well I'm not going unless the lottery decides to be kind before then :-(
But mine is travelling alone and that no one would like me. That everyone will click and go off in groups and that I would be left in my room.

4. This isn't so much a question but a challenge. Name one thing you will do for just one day next week in the name of health and commit to it on your blog and to us.

I'm going to go to the gym at least 3 times. And I am going to plan and weigh my food and include a snack for mid afternoon because lately I have not eaten between lunch and the time I get home which means I am hungry when I get in and start grazing. NOT GOOD. So plan plan plan.

5. Whose blog or comment stuck with you the most this week?

Debi post
Her and Walt have a big week and I think anyone who is going through this journey and dealing with other big life challenges needs support. Plus Debi always finds time to update her blog and encourage other bloggers by introducing them to everyone else.


  1. Great answers... as usual. I am probably not going to Chicago either... I wish I was able to go but I am not sure I'm ready yet, my body is physically challenged still... but I'm getting there. *Maria*

  2. We are so going next year though!
    We are going to have such a good year.

  3. I just read your post and I want to say thank you for mentioning me!!

    We are going through a lot right now, but we will get through it! PS) Walt's tests came back fantastic!! No Cancer or Tumors!! Yea!

    As for your answer to question #3. I am not going either, due to problems that you are aware of. But if I were going, and you were there, I promise that you wouldn't be left in your room alone!!

    I too worry that I wouldn't quite fit in, but once we all met one another, I'm sure that we would all have a fantastic time!! Even us shyer, quieter ones! Maybe next year or the year after, I can make it. If so, I hope to meet you there!