Friday, 25 June 2010

BYOC !check me out" on a Friday too!!!!!!

1. This comes from my post yesterday about me bragging that I can still wear the same earrings I wore in high school….got me to wondering…how many piercings do you have? (the ones you can tell us about anyway – *wink wink)

I have 6. 3 in each ear but I only use one set now I have "grown up" snigger :-)

2. I’m asking this one because I’m getting another tattoo soon…and even have plans to get one of a lizard – my little Draz – because this blog and you all have become a major part of my life. Anywhoozle – how many tattoos do you have? If you have none and wanted to get one – what would it be?

I have one. On my left hip. I caught a glimpse of it the other day and had even forgotten it was there! That's what gaining 70lb will do for you. Anyway my tat is a chinese symbol which means "together" and it has an M next to it for Marcus. I know it means together because I got it from a chinese dictionary so I am not one of these people with a tat that they think says "I love you Mum" but actually says "chicken fried rice",

3. If you’ve ever suffered from a weight-loss plateau, what’s your best advice to get past it?

1. sob hysterically – like the kind where snot runs out of your nose onto your shirt…you know, pretty crying
2. suck your thumb
3. throw a tantrum
4. curse the fat Gods
5. eat 16 twinkies
6. rinse and repeat

I cant top that answer from Draz because thats exactly what I would do!

4. This is a repeat. I liked last week’s challenge for BYOC and I saw a lot of people this week follow through on the promise they made last week. You pick one thing for just one day next week that you want to do….and mentally doing it for the one day can totally jump start more successes. And I feel like I can do anything for just one day.
What will you do for just one day in your quest towards health?

Last week I didnt do too well keeping my challenge so this week I am going to be more realistic. I am also choosing Wednesday and I will drink 2 litres of liquid and go to the gym (no matter what!)

5. Repeat *make someone a Superstar* question – what's your favorite blog or comment of the week?

Band Babe has captured my interest this week. She is amazing and has done SO well! I am always shocked by her honesty but love her to pieces.
And Draz's med post also struck a nerve with me and many others.
All in all it's been an interesting week. I have had time to keep up with everyone because work is so slow and I have enjoyed sharing your week. Thank you x

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