Sunday, 13 June 2010

Summer Challnege

Hey everyone,

Here's my week one weigh in for the Summer Challenge. Off to a flying start, only a pound down but at least heading in the right direction!

Hope everyone else is doing great!


  1. A pound you'll never see again!

  2. Awesome! Given all the job stress/flat mate issues you posted about, 1 lb is especially impressive! Way to succeed in the face of stress, Fiona!!

  3. hey fiona!! i only just got a chance to reply to your comment as i've been away on a mini holiday the past few days..i was in sunny cornwall....alllrighhht my
    so i've had one meeting with the dietician , and was advised to eat three meals per day and 1 snack if i be honest tho fee sometimes i find it hard to get in enough calories just eating three times aday...especially the way my shifts lately i've been eating four smaller meals per day which is suiting me better.....they've basically said nothign is off limits food wise and that its not a diet its a way of life etc.....which im trying to follow...they have advised to make sure i have protein at every meal to make sure im meeting my protein requirements..which im sticking to religiously as i dont want to loose my hair! eating alot of vegetables aswell and bits and bobs of carbs like soft noodles, going to do a post soon showing what i eat in a day....i have been calorie counting the last few i did put weight on after the surgery! which realy scared i did really think oh i can eat what i want now and still loose wrong i was! lol..glad i learnt that lesson early on three weeks i've lost 16.9 lbs...its great , a little bit gutting that id already lost 10lbs of that and regained it but im still delighted with it...i know calorie counting isnt for everyone...but its really helping me at the moment to relearn the value of food and see what it actually does for my body its another excuse to play with my iphone as theres an app on there that counts it all for you...i love it! hehe...if you've any other questions sure message me hun!!!! you are doing fabulous!!! xxxxx

  4. Nice job toots...keep it up!

  5. I love you lot! Having a poo week and think you are all fantastic xxxxxxxx