Sunday, 17 May 2009

To Band or not to Band. That is the question.

Hi, this is my first ever blog anywhere so please forgive me if I'm doing it wrong.

I have been logging on to Lap Band Talk for the last year or so and at the same time going the process of being referred by my doctor to a consultant at the hospital for weight loss surgery.

It has taken 18 months to finally get an appointment with a surgeon. I am due to go at the end of August. He will decide if I am a good candidate for surgery and what type of surgery will be best for me.

This is also a question I will have to answer for myself.

2. Bypass
3. Balloon

After reading all the stories on this website the band seems the most successful whilst being the least intrusive. But I am really scared that I will fail so I am seriously considering the stomach bypass. I am so scared that they will refuse me altogether and I am also scared of how much this will change my life.

My doctor tells me that 3 major studies have shown that the suicide rate is much higher once you have had weight loss surgery. But everyone on Lap Band Talk seems so happy.

I also have to lose at least 10kgs before the appointment to show that I am willing to help myself and although I really want the op I am struggling to stick to a diet. Maybe that shows I am not really committed? I am so confused.

My partner is extremely worried about the surgery but will totally support my decision. I am just fed up with being fat and using food for everything but nutrition.

How does that change once you are banded?? Anyway I would love to hear from people going through the same process. How did you decide on the band???

I think for now that's my biggest question. All help gratefully accepted.