Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Just checking in.

Hi everyone, just thought I would check in.
Emotional eating, don't ask. Horrible week.
Need a fill, quick. Seeing the Dr on Friday but not sure if they will do a fill. Fingers crossed.
Just got laptop working again so I am catching up on the bloggs.

Much love


  1. Sorry you are going through a tough time. We are here for you!

  2. You have so much going on at the moment, don't be too hard on yourself.
    Hope it goes well with the Dr on Friday x

  3. We all have slip ups; don't sweat it. Just hop back on the wagon.

    XO Grace

  4. HUGS! Hope your week gets better.

  5. Shake it off girlfriend...good luck with the fill.

  6. Hope your week turns around! Remember, one week isn't going to ruin all the work you've done, you'll get back to it. We've ALL been there.

  7. I am asking!!! Hope you're week is getting better and good luck on Friday.