Thursday, 10 June 2010


Today I am really angry! And Aunt Flo is not due for 2 weeks so its not her fault.
To make this easier to explain I will list my gripes.

1. Why when DH gets a new item (just got new cable box but it could be anything from a cell phone to a DVD) do I have to pick up all the crap that comes with it? Instruction books, packaging, cable ties etc. They get spread far and wide as can be in this pokey little flat and then just left. How inconsiderate is that! "Dont worry about all these little plastic bits some mug will pick them up" AAArrrggghhh.

2. DH calls from work to "chat" and wonders why I am in a pissy mood! Now I know he is working to get some extra cash but we work at the same place so I know its not hard. And if he wasnt so lazy I would be able to keep on top of this mess.

3. There are four adults in this flat so when was the vote taken to make all the cleaning my responsibilty? If I make a mess (and I do) I expect to clean it up, why dont they????

4. The power lead to my laptop is broken so I am typing with one hand and holding it in with the other. Work bought the laptop 2 years ago instead of me getting a pay rise. DH said they should buy the new lead which wouldnt be difficult as I am the only purchaser now so why is the rightious part of me saying that is wrong and still struggling with the broken lead?

I should give you a little background on work. I have been there for 10 years DH has been there for 4 years. I am his boss. This was fine when I had a director above me because DH respected his authority but the director was laid off last September. Sine then I feel DH has undermined my authority because he knows I dont like my new boss. This has made working together really hard. We are both losing our jobs in six weeks and not only that but the company we work for is closing down.

It has been left to me and 3 others in my team all of who are losing their jobs to close up the company. So not only do I have DH questioning every decision I make but I have a totally unmotivated team to work with.

I really appreciate how they all feel as we have been treated badly buy I can't change the way I work. Also I spent all day yesterday answering the phone to iriate customers who are fed up with the service they are getting from the team who are keeping their jobs and relocating to the new office. Its so demoralising.

Anyway I have had a little cry while writing this and feel a little better but not much. But maybe the whole work thing is why I am so angry. My worst trait is that I think the world should be fair and I find it hard to deal with when its not.

Anyway on a band related topic this week has been pants! I wanted to stay away from slider foods this week but I got a mouth infection, very sore gums, and so have had to stick to soft food and soup. Not very good at keeping me full but at least they went down. And having a sore mouth all week has made me really fed up. I don't go to the Doctor's because they will give me antibiotics which give me thrush. So I am no better off. :-(

So sorry to whinge I have to stop now because I could go on. Thanks for reading and sticking with me. I am off for another cry now.

Much love xxxx


  1. You poor thing! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I hope you are feeling better soon, and good luck in finding a new job. I am so sorry, I don't blame you for being upset. Take care :)

  2. Oh that sounds terrible. You poor thing. Want me to send Draz to kick DH's ass? I would do that for you! Be well my friend.

  3. {{{{Fiona}}} I've been where you are on the job front. I was the manager of Human Resources of a bank and when we were being taken over I had to work for an additional 2 years!!! to transition over the payroll and benefits. Keeping people motivated was a daily struggle. Just because everyone else feels like they are "entitled" to sit back and relax, we don't change our work ethics, right? I had a job to do and I did it! You will too honey! Hang in there.

  4. Oh lovely, hope that you feel better for a cry. Must be really frustrating for you and so hard as you're loosing your job at the end of it. Really hope that something comes up for you. My H is the same, he leaves crap all over the place for me to tidy up, it drives me bananas!

  5. Thanks everyone I am so glad I got that off my chest. Draz even though I haven't forgiven DH and the fact I would love to see you, I don't think he deserves an ass kicking lol. I would love to see it though.
    Jacquie work is so horrible I can't imagine doing it for 2 years! You must be a saint. But you understand so well. I only have six weeks left so that's a blessing.
    I will never work with DH again. Our relationship is more important.
    Thanks ladies, love you xxx

  6. That job situation sounds horrible, but at least it will be over soon. Boo to your DH for underminding you like that. Not cool.

  7. I understand how you feel about your DH... i got mine a job years ago where i was his boss and he would come late to work and expect me to cover for him or clock him in, screw around since he knew I wouldn't fire him knowing our bills would suffer, etc. It was awful. I am glad that we no longer have to work together... that's for sure. I hope you find a new job that you really enjoy. Especially after having such a hard time at the end of this job... I'm so sorry.

  8. I'm sorry this is such a stressful time! Especially, the job situation and working with your hubby. I cannot imagine!

    Love you, hun! :)