Saturday, 19 June 2010

More fears than you can throw a stick at!

OK I just completed Draz's BYOC and started to read everyone else's.
Now I have the beginning's of a panic attack!!!!

I didnt consider getting drunk and making a show of myself.
Or any of the other new fears I am reading and the stupid part is I'm not even going. Which has now made me realise my biggest fear. So I would like to change my answer to this BYOC question.

My biggest fear is that you will all have a fantastic time and not bother with the other bloggers that could'nt go :-(

Now I know that you are all wonderful people that would never be so cold but who said fears were rational?


  1. Never never - we all gotta come back to real life and you are a huge part of that.

  2. I'm taking my laptop so as long as I'm on the internet, we can post hourly updates to everyone out there in the world. We will have a fantastic time but will never blot out the other bloggers. We have to come home sometimes just like Draz said.

  3. I'll have my laptop, too, and will be sure to post updates!