Saturday, 8 May 2010

Thanks x

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to the girls that replied to my post on Thursday "going cold Turkey".

Thanks so much for the advice. We are having our "weigh in" tomorrow so fingers crossed the sarky Wii Fit guy is happy with me. I ate scrambled egg today and for some reason my band has been killing me ever since. Surely it cant be stuck with scrambled egg?

Anywhoo I cant face eating anything else today so I better lose at least a pound tomorrow.

I promise to post something happy, funny and positive this week!


  1. You're doing great... If you are still struggling I think you need to jumpstart the weight loss again by having more calories each day to trick your metabolism back into overdrive and back to losing weight. I hope I'm still losing but I am not watching calories as much as you. I am on a high protein/low carb diet though.

  2. Scrambled egg can definitely get stuck! My theory is it's one of those foods that you don't normally (read: without band) have to chew, so you just wolf it down without thinking, and then... Stuck. I have this happen with jello too. Maybe it's just me!