Friday, 21 May 2010

my boring life, read on at your peril, you have been warned!

I wasn't going to blog this week as its been a nothing sort of week but hey ho here I am. It will be pretty random boring stuff (I'm not sorry though, you don't HAVE to read it)

I have been eating in a very un organised way this week but still sticking to approx 1000 cals. My custom report of calories on Tap & Track is 918 per day over a two week period. I have also continued to exercise, adding swimming to the regime.
Have I lost any weight I hear you ask?????
NO nothing for the last 3 weeks! Stop asking.
Is this driving me nuts? Yes.
Am I going to give up? No.
I am going to speak to the Dr's office on Monday and see if I can get in to see the nutritionist. I need help. Oh and the 918 cals does not take into account that I throw up almost everyday! Does food count if it's only been in there for 2 minutes?

Work is very boring and we are coming to the end of the production this week. All our machines are being shipped to China next week. It's very disheartening when you have to facilitate the move of your own job abroad. So by Wednesday I was bored with work and chucked a sickie. I spent the day cleaning the apartment and had a great time. How sad it that? My Dr did tell me some women go cleaning crazy once the weight starts to come off. Good job my crazy only lasted a day ;-)

On the job hunting front I found out this week that the guy who sits at the next desk who I supervise is applying for all the same jobs as me. I hate job hunting!
And I have just been visted by a lady from the Home Learning College who was EXCELLANT at her job and got me to sign up for a course on Pay Roll which costs £1170

Oh dear. Talk about hard sell. I think she played on my fear of being out of work and over 40 (she didnt promise to make me younger) But for that money I expect her to.

Oh and the car broke down this week and needed a new clutch which cost £550. And I wonder why I cant afford to go to Chicago.

Just reading this post I seem to be on a bit of a downer but I am not. The sun is shinning and I LOVE summer. So it will take more than a few set backs to get me down.

I was reading someones blog and Jess commented about Jackfit. So I started to follow his blog. It's so funny, well worth a read.

And I have just spent the afternoon catching up with you all. So that was time well spent. I love reading your blogs but I freaking love vlogs! Its like I get to meet you in person. One day I will get my daughter to show me how to do one but I have to grow a pair first and think of something to say.

I will load some pics later too.
Last week Drazil asked one of my questions on BYOC and I felt slightly famous for five minutes so thanks Draz for asking and thanks ladies for answering.
Much love.


  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the comment on the Vlog!
    Best of luck with the job hunt.

  2. You ARE famous ALL the time! We love you!

  3. Everyones life is boring! Hope the job hunt goes well.

  4. I'm sorry you've been getting sick & also sorry the weight loss has stalled. Could it be because you're getting sick & not getting all the nutrients your body needs & it's holding on to the fat? Hopefully your doc can give you an answer & set you up with the nutritionist for some extra assistance! Best of luck!

  5. 918 calories and NO WEIGHT LOST? WTF? I'd be going OUT OF MY MIND! I am so sorry, my dear. Sometimes jump-starting the exercise can help, but too often you just have to wait out those stupid plateaus. Hang in there and keep blogging.

  6. Wow, that's a tough one. So few calories, yet no weight loss. What do the Doctors say about the throwing up?

    I'm sorry about the job loss.... That's a tough one, too.

    A great no-quitting attitude will get you far. Hang in there and keep us updated. Your life is not boring.

  7. 918 seems like too few calories to me, but I'm no nutritionist and I don't know much about lap bad surgery so I'll shut up. I will say keep up the fight and that I agree with Jenny, our lives are boring, but that's what makes it thrilling to get to know other people.