Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Now comes the pain.

So now comes the pain. I ran for 8 mins tops yesterday and I cant walk today! And going down stairs is torture. I cant imagine being able to run again tomorrow. I had the bright idea of going for a swim tonight but both our local pools were closed to the public for swimming lessons so I had to give it a miss.

I really need to plan this better so I can do something gentle to recover in between runs or else I am never going to make it.

On other news I sat here tonight and decided I would have some pineapple. It cant be that bad its fruit right? Wrong! First mistake was to cut the whole pineapple and have it in front of me. Even though it was a small one I ate the whole thing. Seriously I cant believe I managed to eat it all. How does that work, at lunchtime I cant finish a bowl of soup. Anyway I ate the damn pineapple THEN checked the calories. It was 453 cals. OMG that puts me well over for today and no exercise either. Panic.

But "deep breath" lesson learned. Never sit with more than you should eat in front of you and always check calories BEFORE you eat them.
I will have to do better tomorrow.

Thanks guys so much for the encouraging messages re the run.
Much love x


  1. I know a calorie is a calorie, but surely it has to be better to have 453 calories from a pineapple versus from ice cream.

  2. I just finished reading through all your blogs---we have a lot in common.
    You're right about not putting a big portion in front of yourself--sabotage!!

  3. I agree with Rheina - it's a fruit - don't beat yourself up too hard.

  4. I am a fresh pineapple junkie...I can really relate. But like what Rheina said, it's better than eating cake, cookies or ice cream. At least the carbs and sugars you ate were healthy and not some processed food.

  5. Shake it was pineapple...not Ben & Jerry's.
    Forgive yourself and move on.

  6. That's great on the running. I'm about a week away from reaching my goal of running 5K, something I never thought I would be able to do. Give yourself a day in between to recover. Also, don't be hard on yourself about the pineapple. One day at a time.

  7. Don't worry about the pineapple. I LOVE fresh pineapple and have a hard time not eating the whole thing.

    When I first started running I would run a block and walk the rest. I hated every second of it. It eventually got better. I'd run a block, walk a block, then run another block. I eventually made it up to running an easy 3 miles.

    Then I got pregnant and my doctor said no more running haha. So eventually I'll have to start from square one again!

    Hang in there girl!

  8. I'm going to be just a little jealous of your pineapple! I love it, but I developed an allergy to it during my first pregnancy! :(

    Great job on the running, BTW!

  9. Try and make sure you are eating/drinking protein and carbs 1 hour prior to your run and drinking or eating something with protein and carbs after. Skim chocolate milk works great. Your muscles need the fuel to repair and you will be less sore. Also push the water and flush the lactic acid out!! Keep running you will do great!

  10. Lots of fiber in pineapple; or it least it seems there is. Much better than a high fat indulgence.

    Next time, use the raw pineapple to beat those silly men in your office. Burn some calories and let off some stress!

  11. Ha HA Genie, I have a great mental picture now and another pineapple in the kitchen......