Thursday, 6 May 2010

Going cold turkey!

Here's some background on the title.

I lost 21 lb pre band,7lb in the first week banded and then 6lb in the next week. Since then the scales have gone up and down over the same 5lb. I have lost nothing for 5 weeks! And I have had a fill. No weight loss since the fill. I know its not realistic to continue losing at that weight but come on, nothing for 5 weeks! The week after the fill I could only manage liquids hense the low calories for the week. The next bit is boring but I need to write it (sorry in advance)

Week one total 7090
Week two total 6800
Week three total 4140 Fill this week so liquids only
Week four total 5510
Week five total 4096 still 3 days to go.

I have also increased my exercise so I am really fed up that the weight is not coming off. It's not like I only have a few pounds to lose. I didn't expect to stall so early on. I have decided along with the support of DH that we will give it another two weeks before going back to the dietitian.

But the main reason for this post's title is my decision not to weigh myself everyday. I know this is not a big deal to most people but it's huge for me. I have always weighed myself everyday even when I was overeating. It's like not brushing your teeth. I even used to weigh myself in the night if I got up to pee!

I have gone cold turkey for two days now and it's a real achievement for me.
We have agreed to continue the food log, exercise at least 5 times a week and weigh in as a family every Sunday using the Wii fit. The first weigh in is this Sunday.

I am desperately trying not to let the fact I am not losing weight rule my life but I am feeling really nervous that the band will not work for me. (my worst nightmare).

Also this week DH and I went for a walk. We walked for an hour at a really good pace. I was enjoying this walk until someone went past in a car and shouted "fat slag"! I was so embarrassed. I think it would have upset me if I was on my own but because DH was there I felt embarrassed. He was really angry but that just made me feel worse. If I had been on my own I would have had my headphones in so would not have heard them. This made me think "does this happen often and I just don't hear it?". I know it was just some idiot but coupled with the fact I have my period and I am not losing weight I just felt awful.

Oh and yesterday my boss asked me to stay on at work until the end of July (I am being let go at the end of June) but he didnt ask DH (we work together). So DH felt like crap and I was torn on what to do. I havent got another job to go to yet so another months pay would be good.

I am writing this post and then going to spend my morning off reading the posts of the week for some inspiration.

I would love to hear from anyone who is well past this stage if you can tell me its normal, it will get better, anything positive really. I know once I have caught up with you all I will feel re energised and raring to go so thanks for all your support. Can't wait for BYOC this week x


  1. So sorry that you had to hear that comment. Just idiots out there. I remember a kid I taught in high school saying I was fat but you know, you are above them. Just let it go. I've been on a plateau too but this time I didn't gain the weight back and you haven't either. You could probably use another fill which will get things moving (me too!).

    Sucks about the job. I would talk with your hubby and tell him about the extra month. The money is nice to have. Does that mean both of you will be out of a job this summer? No wonder you're not losing-do you think a bit of stress is involved :-) Maybe once your period is over you will see a few pounds drop.

  2. I'm sorry that someone shouted at you, its certainly happened to me and it does make you feel awful but that person is obviously just an imbecile, i'm certain that it doesn't happen very often as luckily there aren't that many idiots around.

    I completely understand how you feel about not loosing weight, I really struggle with this and i'm very good at using it as an excuse to eat food I shouldn't. I think not weighing every day is a really good idea, i'd like to not do it myself but can't seem to break the habit.

    Good luck for Sunday, bet that you win!!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting! I'm going to add you to my google reader so I can follow your journey!

  4. You girls always make me feel so much better. I really cannot express how much your comments mean to me and I know from reading all the blogs we all get so much out of this. Thanks and love you millions x

  5. I am well past this stage. Remind me when you are scheduled for a fill again? Anyway, I wish I had some magic words to make you PATIENT. Either that, or just tell you to TRUST me... if you are working your band (and you obviously are)... before you know it, one year will be up... you will have lots gobs of weight, and will be pissed that it wasn't even more! Just keep blogging, and we'll keep telling you it will be ok and you'll get there. Because that is the damn truth with your band.

    PS- That really bothers me what those guys did to you. Soon, you will be hot as hell, and you will need to choose whether to be a bitch or not to all the guys that suddenly become embarrassingly nice to you. And, it will make you love your man even more because he always loved you for you. And you'll be proud to know other guys are jealous that he's with you. IT WILL HAPPEN.

  6. I'm sorry I have no idea how things work when you have the band but when you don't eating so little calories and exercising so much will definitely stop weight loss cos your body knows it needs more than that. Wish I need more. Good luck!

  7. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Idiots out there!

    You are doing so well and like the others said, you haven't gained any back. I think we underestimate the importance of that. We all go through unexplained plateau's - we are taking in fewer calories but not losing weight. How does that work? I've been there too. But all of the sudden the scale will move. It has to!! Don't worry! You are doing great!

  8. I lost 7 on the presurgery diet. 8 in the two weeks post op and then have been gaining and losing the same 2 pounds since! I know how you feel! I can't wait til my first fill...which seems forever away on the 19th!

    Keep it will move down! We just have to keep on keepin on!

  9. I don't know much about the lap band, but I do know about scale obsession. I'm glad you're breaking that habit. You will learn to live without knowing exactly what you weigh at any given hour.

    I hope you can figure out why you've stalled. Seems to me like you should be losing, and I'm sorry to hear that you've been stuck.

    I hope that creep who yelled at you burns in hell. Really, I do!

  10. Hey Fiona...
    thanks for the comment the other day! and its great to see another uk girly on here!! great stuff!
    fiona...i read this post and actually cried....
    the same thing happened to me the other was my first day out walking and i was feeling really great that i was up and about....and someone shouted something at me (a young boy probably about 15) about how i should be running you fat cow! i was soo upset...i just kept on walking...blinking away the tears...i calmed down by teh time i got home...but i was really upset, i just had to remember that boy was an Ars3!! and i had made the best decision i could ever make by having the surgery, i was out walking doing hte best thing for me...and stuff what he says...its hard tho...its moments like that that would make me reach for comfort food...but this time i really couldnt and i really felt the hurt.....people can be so hurtful sometimes....and those people are totally not worth really glad you found my blog and i found yours.....take care kelly xxx