Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ah just gotta love Sundays.

Today was the day. I had a date with the Wii Fit and I was ready! I got up early as I go to the cemetery every other week with my sister. Anyway I stepped on the Wii board and just dared it to put me in a bad mood. But what do you know I had lost 11lb in the last 20 days, and even more exciting than that I was down to 235lb or 16 stone 11 lb as we say in ye olde English.

Yipppeeee I did the happy dance I can tell you. Getting under 17 stone was a big deal as I had hovered around it for weeks. I am so glad that I have stayed off the bathroom scales (or the thrown in the bottom of the cupboard scales as they are now known).

So period over, I have now returned to my usual calm, rational happy go lucky self and I took a look at the big picture. As you can see from my ticker I was only banded on 22nd of March. That's only 7 weeks ago tomorrow and I have lost 39lb. That's fantastic! What was I moaning about???????

As long as the scale has a mainly downward trend I am OK with that. I'm not slimming for any particular event so there's no rush. Don't get me wrong I would love to lose it all in a couple of months but lets get real, I didn't gain it all that quickly.

I also looked at some of the changes that have happened in the last 7 weeks. I can now shop for clothes in most of the "normal" ranges in the supermarket as they go up to a UK22. I have dropped a jean size and the new ones are getting lose too. I used to have a pair of shoes that were on the last hole and DH had to do them up for me. Now they are on the smallest hole and I do them up myself (I cant believe I was OK with him doing them for me)and tights (pantyhose) are SO much easier to put on.

I also do not wake up with aching hips so I can lie in longer. Yay me. :-) So now I have my sensible head on I can see that there is so much to gain from this other than a smaller number on the dreaded scale.

Next weekend we are getting our bikes out of storage and hopefully I will still be able to ride it. Its been a while. And I bought some new goggles today so I am going to swim at least twice this week, I cant wait.

Here's to an excellent week for everyone, much love.


  1. Congrats on your fabulous loss...sounds like you've found the groove.

  2. Your weight loss is fantastic! Well done!!

    I got my trainers from Sportsdirect, they aren't skechers, they are called Therashoe, £35 reduced from £50.

  3. Thanks Alison, good tip. I am printing off the C25K today. Well its a start lol !

  4. Good job on the loss! That's gotta boost your mood for sure:)

  5. How wonderful for you that you are seeing all these changes in addition to losing the weight. Congrats!!

    And you mentioned on my blog about Greenies. I had to laugh at you thinking they sounded horrid. :-D

    Here is a great post Kat did explaining all about them... they are becoming quite popular.

    I make mine on the sweet side with lots of frozen fruit (like berries) and stevia, and maybe some sugarfree daVinci flavored syrup. And then, of course, the "green stuff"... like lettuce, spinach leaves, kale, etc., and some chia seeds.

    Even with the junk I add to it, it's still healthy for you. I needed a way to get in more veggies, so this is really helping.

    Anyway, you are doing so well, I smiled big when I read this post.