Thursday, 19 August 2010

Watching the Weight Worked!!!

Yesterday was my first Weight Watchers weigh in. I lost 2lb!
I am so happy. I have really struggled with little or no restriction for quite a while now and I have tried to manage on my own but I didn't get this big because I was a great dieter.

I need to be accountable to someone other than just me. So even though the beginning of the first week didn't start well because we still had the boys and still ate junk, I must have made up for it in the last few days. The WW leader said if I can lose weight this week I can do it every week and she is right. I left the meeting feeling happy but a little guilty that I haven't told them about the band. (I am never going to tell them). Most people don't understand that the band is not "cheating" or that it doesn't do it all for you.

Even close friends have said to me "whats the point of joining WW? Does that mean the band doesn't work?" I feel that it is not a failure to need to go to WW with a band. I just need to have some guidance and get weighed every week. Most people don't understand that you can gain weight with the band and that it is not always as tight as it could be.

But one thing the band has taught me is not to worry about what other people think. This is my journey not theirs.

Other news. A good friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday morning. Baby Emma was 6lb 2oz.
Hopefully they will be home today. The sun is shinning and its a beautiful day to bring home baby. Congratulations Sue & Dan.

I am waiting for a call about a job so fingers crossed I will have an interview soon. Then I can really start to panic.

I read Amy W's post yesterday and was in awe of her achievement. She is a super star. People like Amy are a true inspiration to those of us starting this journey. Its so easy to feel like a failure if things are not going well in the beginning. But Amy has had highs and lows and like she says she continues to " fight the good fight". Look what 18 months of fighting have done. Well done Amy, WOW.

So I am off to see what Thursday brings. Hope you are all having a great week.

Ta Ta for now x


  1. I'm so glad you decided to do the Weight Watchers, too! The structure has really helped me become more concious of what I ate. I'm so happy for you...and no it is not cheating the band. I had those same thoughts. The band is a tool and we are utilizing it to it's full purpose along with WW'ers!!

  2. I say whatever helps you to achieve your goals! Great job on the -2lbs!!! :)

  3. That's great, Fiona! Watch that weight go! Learn how to eat well! Good luck on getting a call to interview. You and I are in the same spot there.

  4. I think WW is a great idea! It teaches healthy choices, its not a diet.

  5. I don't think it's weird to do WW with the band. It's a great program.

  6. To borrow from Grace's comment, if it helps you achieve your goals then go for it. Congrats on the great first week!