Monday, 30 August 2010

Another weekend has flown by. And this was a Bank Holiday three day weekend too. It's funny how they still seem to go so quickly even though I do not have a job to go to tomorrow???
I do have an interview at 3pm tomorrow for a production planning job so fingers crossed I will get through the first stage at least.

I have been cramming up on my buzz words and will make sure I include them in my answers. I actually quite enjoy interviews it's just the constant fear of testing that gets to me. Tomorrow's interview is with two women, not too sure how I feel about that yet? I will let you know when it's over.

I went to the zoo yesterday with Marcus and we just had a wander round (no kids) which was nice and relaxing. We had pizza and pasta buffet for lunch. I managed 1 slice of pizza and two fork fulls of pasta but I was hungry again 2 and a half hours later and ended up eating pick & mix sweets. Not too many though.

We came home and had a twilight marathon. I had only seen the first one so we watched the next two films back to back. I can't see the attraction myself which I assume can mean only one thing. I'm OLD lol.
That said I would definately be team Jacob. I might be old but I'm not blind.

It is about this time of year like everyone else I am mourning the end of summer and any good weather is to be savoured like the last piece of a delicious dessert. It rained on and off yesterday so we came home from the zoo early but this morning the sun was shinning and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I think the very strong wind had blown them all away. Anyhoo I decided to cycle to my sister's which is about 5 miles away. I went out quite early so the traffic wasn't too bad. I really enjoyed it and when I am riding my bike I feel like a kid again. It's all I can do to stop myself sticking my legs out as I coast downhill.

I visited with her and gave her the shawl that our Mum made for my daughters when she was alive. She really appreciated it.
Then I wateched some TV with her and her partner. They were watching "man vs Food" which is a US show about giant burgers, BBQ's and half roasted pigs. My mouth was watering SO much but I thought "I would still only manage about one bite". It did look delicious though. Then I had to cycle home. In my mind if felt like a chore but once I was on my bike it was wonderful. So I cycled just over 10 miles in total this morning. I can sure feel it in my legs. My sister lives up a hill too!

This week coming is going to be pretty busy with the interview, weight watchers, the gym, Zumba and a fill on Friday.


  1. Fantastic exercise! Well done.
    I'd be team Edward, I've only seen the first film but I have to say that Rpatz does it for me!
    Good luck for your interview.

  2. Good luck tomorrow Fi! I will be thinking about you!

  3. Good luck with your interview! I sure can empathize, and I actually like to interview, too. It's just the work I can't stand!!!

    Short of outright lying, say what you have to say to move on to the next round. (Lots of people outright lie.) Make them want you!!