Friday, 27 August 2010

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I had my second weigh in at Weight Watchers and I lost a 1lb. I was amazed as I had been out to dinner twice and really thought I would gain weight. I was even sitting at home contemplating not going to the weigh in but I was so glad I did.

I know 1lb is not much but I have spent the last two and a half months faffing around and not losing anything so three pounds in two weeks is fantastic for me.

I have also upped the exercise this week, going to the gym more often and also increasing my workout to an hour and a half. Yesterday was hard work. I did 30 mins on the cross trainer, 20 mins on the stepper and 30 mins on the treadmill then headed to the sauna and steam room. Then in the evening I went to Zumba for an hour. Man alive I was shattered last night!
Today is a rest day.

In other news I am still hating not having a job. I mean really hating it. So I went to the job centre and they have offered to send me on a CV and interview course on the 6th of September. Sounds good but I don't want to be out of work that long.

Anyway while I was in the gym yesterday a guy called from a recruitment agency and said he has got me an interview for next Tuesday. Yay I am so excited. The job is a little further away than I wanted to travel and the money is a little less than I was previously on (well quite a bit less) but hey it's a job and I am earning nothing at the moment. I am being interviewed by two women so not too sure about that. First time for everything I suppose and this is only the first interview. My only concern is that the job is on a lower level than my previous job and both women are currently doing what I used to do so will they think I want to work my way up and will they be threatened by me? Laughable really as I have no self confidence so I don't think I threaten anyone but you never know.

They have narrowed the search down to me and one other guy so the odds are good.
I will spend the weekend learning about the company, the position and the location and fingers crossed all will go well on Tuesday. They also want to have the second interviews next week so things will move quickly.And just to make next week even more interesting I have my second fill on Friday.

Now I need some advice on this fill. It is only my second fill since I was banded on March 22nd. I am always hungry and when I eat it doesn't fill me up for long which is why I joined WW. But I still throw up all the time (about 4 or 5 times a week). Last night I came in from Zumba and had a small portion of spaghetti bolognaise. One mouth full went down painfully. Second mouth full and bang I hiccup then throw up. So I thought I would have a yogurt. 2 yogurts later I am still hungry so the munching began. I had a banana, a WW carrot cake and a small piece of Turkish delight., If my meal had gone down I would have been too full to snack. So you would think I had restriction right? But on other occasions I can eat pizza, roast dinner, and ever increasing portions in general.

I think I eat too fast and I am working on this but if I tell the doctor that I still throw up he will not do the fill. Help!!!!!

We have a new Government right now and since they came to power only a couple of months ago they have cut everything. They have stopped all hiring within the government and local councils so that has not helped the job market and they are getting rid of everyone on temporary contracts (this includes my eldest daughter). They have also cut the health budget and everything is being scrutinised. To the point where they have stopped drugs which prolong the lives of bowel cancer patients because they are too expensive.
This has lead to animosity for weight loss patients who are seen as wasting the governments money by requiring treatment for overeating. I watched a news programme this morning where they said the money should be saved for people who need operations for conditions brought on by no fault of their own. Weight loss patients have even received hate mail. So I am very aware that the chance of getting fills will decrease in the very near future. It has been four months since my last fill and I don't even know how many fills they will allow each patient. I need to take every opportunity to get a fill as this may be my last one.

But I am really grateful that I got banded when I did because I know it is going to be MUCH harder for anyone on the waiting list now. Knowing that is really helping me stick to my plan and keep on track. It's just so sad that governments are so short sighted. Don't get me wrong I don't think cancer drugs should be stopped in favor of weight loss surgery but losing the weight will reduce the risk of becoming a cancer patient in the future and while they are still performing breast enhancements on the NHS I refuse to feel guilty for having weight loss surgery. It seems the overweight patient is just an easy target.

Ok ranting over. Hope everyone is well and have a great weekend,
Much love x


  1. I heard a headline this morning about weight surgery but didn't actually see the report (it's rare that we get to watch anything other than cbeebies!) The cuts are crazy, nothing seems to be unaffected.
    Good luck with your interview on Tuesday, I'll have my fingers crossed for you! x

  2. Good for you going to WW and upping your gym workouts! About your totally honest with your doc and tell him when you PB its because you are eating to fast. I am sure he will give you something even if its only a little.

    good luck!

  3. Congrats on getting weight loss moving again. 3 lbs in 2 weeks is pretty good to me. Sorry I can't comment on the PB and fill. I don't have enough experience as I've only had one fill and haven't PB'd.

  4. Yeah, I was going to suggest eating slower, and then you said it. Sometimes I will have the same mouthful of food for a literal minute or two (which seems like an inordinate amount of time when you're used to eating so fast you don't even really taste it). For example, protein fills me FAST and KEEPS me full, but sometimes I have to take micro bites of it, and literally suck on it to mush before I swallow it, so I don't slime and pb (I get lots of hormonal band tightness). Keep posting how you're doing...