Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hello Tuesday.

Check me out two posts in as many days. WOW!

Last night I cycled to Zumba, worked up a hell of a sweat then cycled home. It's only about 10 minutes each way but I was super pleased with myself.

Other big news this week is that my sister had her scan yesterday and the baby is fine. It has all its fingers and toes and I can now stop calling it IT as she is expecting a baby boy!!!!! This is huge news in my family as my grandmother was an only girl, my mother was an only girl, she only had two daughters, me and my sister and I had two daughters. So a baby boy is something special. And as I am the only living family my sister has on her mothers side I am going to be Aunt and Grandmother all rolled into one. I cannot wait.

I am not sure how this weight watchers thing is going to work with the band because yesterday I struggled to get the minimum amount of points so had 4 cookies to get the number up. (it was such a chore lol) and that wasn't even taking into account that I threw up half of my lunch and gave the other half to DH. Sorry about the info but there it is. So do those points count?

Don't get me wrong I can eat. Boy can I eat. But it's difficult to know what counts and what doesn't if it doesn't all stay in there.
I wish I could change the fact that crap like cookies and crackers and chips go down so easily and things I enjoy like chicken and salad wont stay put. It's a learning curve I know.

I went to the recruitment agencies today and got a bit of a cold response. Nothing around at the moment it seems but they have said that August is the quietest month as so many people are on holiday. Apparently it should pick up in September. Can I stand it that long?????

I have a wedding to go to this weekend and I just found a brand new dress in my daughters wardrobe that is just the right size. What a result? I don't want to buy any new clothes and she doesn't mind lending it to me. It's all good.

So that's been my week so far. Not too shabby.
I have my weight watchers weigh in tomorrow evening and I am feeling really nervous. I had forgotten how it feels to go back to the weekly weigh in. I will blog even if it's bad, I promise.

Have a lovely evening.


  1. I am glad to hear that baby is okay!

    And I also feel terribly sad for you that you HAD to eat 4 cookies. :)

  2. Oh, darn...4 cookies!!!

    YAY for a baby boy!!!

  3. Congrats on the nephew-to-be! That's marvelous news!

    Good luck tomorrow. And, I hope September is your month for a new job opportunity!

  4. Thanks Amy! It was tough.
    Genie i got a call today for a job. Still on the first stages but who knows?
    Thanks for all the encouragement x