Thursday, 4 March 2010

Pre op appointment

Ok so it was a bit of an anti climax but still good.I had blood pressure, weight, and MRSA tests done by a lovely nurse called Lorna. She really made me feel comfortable.

The I had an ECG and some blood tests. And I was home in an hour! No photos, phew. No dietician, no talk about surgery.

I have to say once I saw the surgeon last August it has pretty quick and to the point. No great discussions. I was expecting lots of information and guidence. Thank heavens for LapBandTalk and everyones willingness to share. Without it I think I would have been totally unprepared.

I have followed the restricted food diet for 4 days and gained 1.5 lb. I cant dwell on that point because I feel like giving up. I have, hand on heart not eaten anything that wasnt weighed and on the list so how I gained weight I dont know. But I am now switching to the milk only diet for the next 18 days. That has surely got to work?????

I am under no illusion that it will be easy but now I have had the pre op I feel like its the final countdown and I have to make the effort.

I am so looking forward to life with the band.

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