Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Banded by the Light.

Well its done and Im home. I came home at 5pm not 11am but that was just delays with my meds really. I had to be awake on the operating table while they prep'ed me which was a bit worrying but it wasnt long before I drifted off. I felt fantastic straight after but once the meds wore off I was just a bit sore.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised how well I feel. I have a bit of gas pain but nothing unbearable and its a bit sore especially when I bend down but I am not taking any pain relief so its all good.
I am not hungry, hope that carries on ha ha.

The two worst things are the feeling of wanting to cough but being scared to and having to sleep on my back because as soon as I drift of I turn over then wake myself up so not much sleep so far.

But on the whole yippee! I cant believe Ive made it to the other side. I have set myself some mini goals but for now I am just concentrating on getting better.

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