Tuesday, 30 March 2010

8 Days in

Well its day eight, I wonder how long I will count the days he he.
I went to the surgery yesterday to have my stitches removed ( they were only steri strips) and they said they were all doing fine but that they would put a new lot on "just to be on the safe side". Thats good but now I have another week before I can get them wet so no long soak in the bath for me :-( But they do look a lot cleaner.

I am now able to drink/eat a lot bigger quantities than last week. Last week I could only manage half a cup of tea (5oz) but I just drank a slim fast shake which is 250ml with no trouble. I am now panicking that I am consuming too much. I was having about 500cals a day but wanted to increase it to 1000cals just so I would'nt put on weight as soon as I went to mushies. Is that too much? Where do I find out? My diet sheet from the hospital just says what you can eat not how much you should eat. This is becoming an obsession.

It has been raining here for two days and I hate the rain. I am longing for some sunshine so I can go on longer walks maybe in the park. But we are forecast worse weather to come. :-(

I had a fun afternoon yesterday going through my wardrobe and throwing out all the big clothes that were already hanging off me. I have lost weight in the past so I have a wide range of sizes to choose from, like most yo yo dieters. But some of the smaller sizes are too dated to ever wear again. My daughter was having a good laugh at some of them. It did make me wonder though what will happen when I have out shrunk even the smallest sizes, some of those clothes have been with me for years lol.

How good will it be to go and buy new small stuff?????

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