Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Goodbye Kitchen

I spent the whole day crafting yesterday! Which means all my stuff comes out of the cupboard and takes over the kitchen. I was a bit put out when I had to stop and make dinner at 5pm.

I had some cards to make which had been requested by friends so I was on a mission and I was very pleased with the result even if it was not my usual style.

The sun is shining today, yippee! So I will venture outside for a walk and maybe some more crafting this afternoon. Just in case you could'nt tell I am trying to be cheerful as I got on the scales this morning and they showed a 2lb gain. I am a bit shell shocked really. I have increased my calorie intake by adding slim fast shakes but Im still only up to 750cals a day.

This is stupid. It is making me scared to consume anything. I am not sure if I should continue with the shakes or go back to just eating WW soup & yogurt. I cant see myself living like this long term. I am so looking forward to eating normal food and having a steady weight loss (if that ever happens).

Anyway back to being cheerful. :-)

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  1. Hello hello,
    I got banded on the 30th of march, so this is the end of day 6... I am soooooo sick of liquids.. and trust me I have the same fears as you!! I also have a blog..
    hope to hear from you soon!!