Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Well that showed me, again.

My last post was about my weekend away visiting Marcus's sons and all about how much I was dreading it. Not seeing the boys but the whole ex wife situation.

Well sometimes life takes you by surprise and teaches you to not think you are so clever next time. Getting the boys was a pleasure as usual and they looked so healthy and well.

We ate in the hotel restaurant on Friday night and it was lovely. The food was OK, nothing special. I had chilli con carne and only ate the meat so that wasn't too bad. The glass of wine before dinner was a mistake as it went straight to my head but we had a very relaxing pleasurable evening.

We could not stay for breakfast in the hotel on Saturday as we had to leave for the football tournament by 8am so we stopped in at MacDonald's on the way and I had porridge. It was yummy.

The football tournament was in Redcar. We drove to the playing fields which were very open and surrounded by open countryside and mountains in the distance (very picturesque) and on the other side of the road was Redcar beach. I have stayed in Redcar before and remember it as a horrible stony beach but to my surprise that beach was a mile and a half up the shore. The part where we were was stunning. Long flat sands with a gorgeous view. The weather was beautiful. Really hot and sunny but with a cooling breeze. Marcus's son wasn't in every game so when he was resting we walked up and down the beach and even had a paddle.

Then we took Marcus's youngest son (13) and his half brother (4) for a walk to the sea front where they have amusement arcades and fish & chip shops. That was a 3 mile round trip on the beach and we got the best chips I have ever eaten! I only managed half a portion so Marcus reaped the benefits.

No 1 son's team reached the final and lost 1-nil. They played really well and picked up a nice medal. We finally left the playing fields at 8:30pm very tired and a little sun burnt.

We went to Pizza Hutt for dinner, very late, about 10pm and I had salad and one slice of pizza, no crust. So food wise it wasn't a bad day really when you also factor in all the walking.

On Sunday morning we had hotel breakfast, I had porridge again and then we took the boys home :-( always a sad moment but not too bad this time as we will be picking them up at the end of July for their two week stay.

On the 5 hour car journey home I did some water colouring. I like to colour Magnolia stamps. And this made the journey fly by.

When we got home the girls had cleaned the flat and prepared a beautiful roast lamb dinner. My sister and my very pregnant friend were both coming for dinner and we had a lovely meal.

I know this is a long post but I have to tell you this story. I live in a second floor flat and its impossible to get a window cleaner, they wont climb up that far. Anyway while dinner was cooking two guys knocked and said do I want a window cleaner? I jumped at the offer and asked when they would be coming. They said half an hour! So we all sat at the dinner table in the kitchen with the new window cleaner doing the windows lol. He really did a good job then he knocked on the window and said " sorry but I have to tell you your dinner smells wonderful" the guy in charge shouted up "what are you doing?" and he says "just talking to them" It was a very surreal situation and I am glad everyone found it as funny as me.

So as well as a wonderful weekend, a gorgeous meal and lovely company I also got clean windows. It doesn't get much better than that. And I had such low expectations of the whole thing.


  1. Sounds fun! What exactly is porridge? Goldie Locks liked it I know, just curious.

  2. My thoughts exactly; I was thinking that the Mickey D's in the US does not sell porridge. Is it like oatmeal? I guess calling it porridge makes it sound a bit more exotic. :)

    Sounds like you had a nice relaxing trip all in all. :)

  3. I guess the lesson is to keep an open mind. I'm trying to just let things happen. And you are right. Sometimes all seems right with the world. Glad you got some clean windows. Hope the guy was cute at least.

    Our McD's doesn't have porridge either. My mom made the best porridge in the world. I can never match it with the oatmeal today.

  4. Oh, such nice stories, Fiona. It's great that you love and support those boys. And, funny about the window washer.

    I haven't heard the word "porridge" since I was a little girl. Sounds good; send some right over.

  5. I loved all the stories...and the unexpected dinner guest LOL!

  6. oh I didn't even think you might not have porridge. I think it's nothing more glamorous than oatmeal but I really like it and its creamy and filling and good for you!
    The window washer was NOT cute! lol