Friday, 23 April 2010

WoW What a Shocker!!!!!!

Today I had an appointment at the hospital for a barium xray. I was expecting to have this xray to check the position of the band. The letter said I could'nt eat or drink for 6 hours beforehand so no cup of tea this morning. :-(

I trotted off to the hospital for my 8am appointment. When I got there the lady who was in the next bed to me was there too so it was really nice to chat to her before we went in. They called her first but she asked if I could go first, I really didnt mind.

Anyway I walked into the xray room and there were 2 nurses, one tech, my surgeon and his understudy. They were going to do a fill! Yippee.

So I was really excited and eager for this to happen. They asked me to stand in front of the xray machine and the surgeon asked if I minded his trainee doing it. (I didnt) So she finds the port easily enough as it sticks out and puts the needle in. (this was less painful than I expected) BUT then I got this horrible weird feeling and started to feel faint. She was poking around under the surgeon's instructions and I was sweating and feeling sick.
I didnt want to feel like a wuss so I tried really hard not to think about what they were doing but I could'nt control it. The surgeon said insert some fluid and if you can extract it then you are in. She tried this and I got a horrible pain down my leg and nearly passed out!
I had to sit down and then they were asking me if I was scared of needles and to calm down. I was completely calm and I dont mind needles. this feeling was totally out of my control.
Then they asked if I was feeling faint because I hadn't eaten and told me they had sent the wrong letter and I could have eaten and drank before the appointment.

Anyway they asked me to lie down and then they discovered the port was the wrong way round so the lady had been poking away at the metal bit at the back. They finally got the needle in then stood me up to take the barium xray. The surgeon put 2ml in first then timed how long it took to flow through. He then put another 1 ml in and was happy with that. He said he prefers to put less in first rather than leave you unable to eat at all. I was thinking "fill her up please". Then he says "dont forget to tell us at your next fill that we have to go in from the underneath" I am not likely to forget! But he is a really lovely guy and explains everything and has a lot of patience with people. When I came out the other lady asked how it was and I said fine, I didnt want to scare her.

I have 3ml in and have to stick to fluids for 4 days the 4 days mushies then food. But to be honest it has taken me all day to drink 500ml of water. That is the weird thing, I have been used to being able to drink normally and now sipping is a VERY slow process.

I am so excited that I am finally on my way. I feel restriction, boy do I feel restriction and unlike after surgery I am hoping it will continue to remain this tight. Honestly I am SO excited :-)

I am due to go back for another fill in 3 months. I cant wait to see how much I can lose by then.
Its such a relief to be out of Bandster Hell.

But it's all taken a bit of a back seat because Marcus is running the London Marathon on Sunday so we are all really busy getting ready to cheer him on.


  1. Very Interesting---I am going in for my first fill this Monday. I am glad they can still give you fills without dealing with your port. I wander what made it flip?
    I wonder what it will be like taking your vitamins and pills if it's hard to sip water?

  2. Hi Fiona! I found you through Drazil... isn't she awesome!?
    I love your whole description of what happened during your fill. I'm a nurse, so it didn't freak me out at all (as I'm sure it would some people), but very interesting to me how the darn thing flipped & that they're still able to give you a fill w/o reopening that little incision (which I'd just have them do under local, myself). I'm not a wus, with a pretty high pain tolerance, I think.
    Anyhow, nice to "meet" & follow you!
    I'm Robin at Band on the Run