Monday, 19 April 2010

Holiday over, Back to work!

Last week we had Marcus's two sons to stay and they pretty much eat junk food. Well when I say junk food I mean I cook a reasonable dinner but they eat chips, cookies etc (keeping this American so you know what I'm talking about). I never buy any junk food, havent done for years. A treat in our house is yogurt or fruit. How we are all fat I dont know. But I digress, so we had the boys and I bought junk and guess what? I ate junk! Maybe it was just because it was there or maybe I was just being lazy but it was only week four of the band so I really should'nt have been able to eat junk.

I didn't eat a big quantity but even so I was really down on myself. We went out to the theme parks for two days and we had lots of family and friends round so lots of buffet food. :-p I even had a hot doughnut in the park.

This weekend I went away with my crafting friends. We all stay in a country house and scrapbook, chat, eat, drink wine and generally have a great time. I decided this would be a good time to refrain from the eating & drinking so I stuck to the shakes and weight watchers dinners. It was really hard but because I didnt take anything to cheat on I was really good. I did get a banging headache but I think that was because I didnt drink enough. My scrapbook girl friends are really supportive so it was a great confidence booster.

I also went back to work today after 4 weeks off! I have never had 4 weeks off in my life. Everyone asked how I was but no one said I looked like I had lost weight :-( thats what I get for working with men only. But I had a good day and managed to stay stress free. Even after the Wii Fit informed me I had stayed the same as last week.

I am really feeling like the band has been with me forever but not really doing anything. I still dont have a date for my fill which is disappointing but if I can just keep the weight I have already lost off till then I will be happy.

I am finding so much support in the blogs I'm reading it is helping me to keep things in perspective. It's so good to hear I am not the only one struggling and that it "should" all come good once I get my fill.

Now the difficult thing this week will be not scoffing the pasta I will have to cook everyday. Marcus is running the London Marathon on Sunday and I will be there to cheer him on and fill him up on carbs beforehand.. I am so proud of him. I will share some photos next week. Fingers crossed we can raise some money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Hope all you bloggers have a great week, much love Fiona x


  1. But look at that weight loss. Amazing. Stay away from that pasta though and get in some good protein. No one at work mentioned I lost weight until a few weeks ago, when one of the guys who works for me asked if I had lost some weight. I work with some women too. They are all scum but then none of my friends but one have mentioned it either.

  2. I believe they call this Bandster Hell, my dear. Schedule your first fill. Fantastic weight loss!

  3. Ah thanks ladies :-)
    Feel much better now.