Friday, 28 August 2009

It's good news week!

Hi Everyone,

My first appointment this week was with the Medical Doctor who discharged me into the care of the surgeon. (wished me luck too)

The second was with the surgeon today.I had to see a med student first and go through my life history then I saw the surgeon. He explained all the pro's and con's and asked lots of questions.

He said I was a good candidtate for the band. He doesn't use a LAP-BAND® but instead prefers a Mid Band which is flexible. He said it has less chance of slipping and errosion and because it is flexible he can make smaller incisions.

I have to wait 6 weeks to find out about funding but he has never had anyone refused and he is confident that with my high BMI funding wont be a problem. Then once funding is approved they have to do the surgery within 18 weeks. So all being well I will have a band by the second week in Feb!!!!!

I am in shock. I really thought I would get turned down and I am so excited. I can't believe the life I have always been striving for is so close. When he said yes the first thing I thought of was "wow I might be able to go Zorbing at last" (its when you get in a giant plastic ball and roll down huge hills. You have to be a certain size to fit in the balls)

I think I am still waiting for the rejection but a bit of me is starting to believe it may actually happen.

I want to say a very big thank you to everyone on this web site that has taken the time to post their stories because it's because of you all that I was able to make an informed decision and also be so informed when speaking to the surgeon.

He was interested in the fact that I had taken the time to research the whole gastric surgery thing.

He said you don't even have to stay overnight in hospital! The op takes about 20mins and you go home the same day. He does not fill the band until 6 weeks after it is fitted then he usually does 4-6 fills before the weight loss settles down.

He said in his private practice he still has to use the LAP-BAND® but the results have been better with the mid band.I need to check this kind of band out because I haven't heard of it before. Apparently it's French.

Well now I have to carry on at the gym, stick to the healthy eating and wait to hear from the hospital. He said you have to go on a three week very low calorie diet to shrink the liver before surgery. There goes the Christmas blow out!

So watch this space (I cant wait to put my after photos on)

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