Thursday, 22 October 2009


I finally got my funding. I can't believe I got the funding. My letter arrived from the surgeon with a DVD to watch too.

So I am on the list. I am so excited. I am thinking of my life after the op and thinking how things will change. I have to see a dietician and a psychiatrist but I dont think that will be a problem.

I have been visiting this web site for over two years and watching everyone go through the process and seeing how they have changed. And now it's my turn I know that the friendship and support I get here will help me change my life for the better.

Everyone here is so encouraging and supportive and so generous to share their down moments along with the highs.

I hope I can do the same and maybe help someone in my position. I have always seen successful people who say "if I can do it anyone can" and thought "oh yeah easy for you to say, youre not me" but who knows maybe it will be me saying that in the future.

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