Thursday, 30 December 2010

Just a hello

Hi everyone,

Its so nice to read about everyone's success stories at this time of year. It's traditionally a time for reflection and taking stock. How nice that we all feel so much better than this time last year?

I was feeling a bit down that I have not been doing so well. But while taking stock of the giant changes that have happened in my life this year I realised that for someone like me who doesn't like change I have done remarkably well to be this stable.

So far I have left my job of 10 years (major change), started a whole new job (very hard)and then done the whole new job thing again 10 weeks later! For me that is a huge amount of upheaval in a short amount of time. Oh and I had a gastric band.
And I am still sane, happy and 40lbs lighter. Who would have thought it?

The weight loss hasn't been what I would have hoped for but in all honesty I haven't given it the priority status it has deserved. Something I intend to rectify in the new year when things are more settled on the work front.

My first few weeks in my new job have been amazing. Everyone is really nice and welcoming. We have had lots of social events and freebies. It has been a totally different world for me. That is not always good as some of you will understand. I have sometimes felt like my comfort blanket has been ripped off me and burnt in front of my eyes.

My last job was in Automotive manufacturing so although it was new, the terminology was pretty much the same and the principles were the same too. But now I am in retail which is a whole new world. Every word they use is foreign to me. I cannot deny it is very daunting. Plus they do Everything in Excel, which is also quite new to me. I have used excel in the past but not to this extent. When someone who is very good with excel is showing you what to do it's quite hard to follow. But from experience I know I will get there in the end but I HATE BEING NEW!!!!!!!

Anyhoo I digress. What I am trying to say is that whatever your progress, be it 1lb lost or 100lb (well done!) we have all grown and made positive changes in the last year that we should be very proud of. Just look back at photos of last Christmas "shock".

I hope that everyone has a fantastic New Year. I hope that the amazing changes continue. And I hope that we will all continue to support one another because discovering blogging has probably been THE most positive change of 2010 for me.

Thank you everyone for your help, support and honesty.


  1. Sounds stressful with work, glad you're doing so well. Happy New Year!

  2. You're doing great, you've lost almost 3 stone! Glad that the job is going well, I always hated being the new girl too, you'll be up to speed in no time. My husband uses excel all the time and when I worked and got stuck I used to ring him!
    I've only recently been able to eat toast, I have to be careful and I can't eat much but I can eat it, since I've been banded I find knowing what to eat really difficult, being able to eat toast is great!

    Happy new year, you're doing just fine.

  3. What a great blog! It has been a crazy year of change, that's for sure. I look forward to what 2011 may bring!

  4. You're doing awesome! Change is always hard we are creatures of habit-but you have a great attitude!

  5. We will make it!! Even if we are only 20 lbs lighter by this time next year what an accomplishment that will be!!!! :) Happy New Year!

  6. Hello, thanks for your comments. I don't really work towards a figure with protein, I have no idea how much I should really have in a day but I do really find that I snack much less if I have plenty of protein I don't tend to snack.
    I've bought some protein bars from a site called they're quite big and they are chocolatey enough to stop me craving it, they are 20g's of protein each, might be worth a go for you. They are on offer, it looks like they are 26.99 per box until you select them and they're £10 a box with free delivery. Laughing cow lighter triangles are good too, 20 cals each and 3g's of protein.
    Not sure if any of this helps! If I can help more please let me know.

  7. Hi, I just found your blog through your comments on Alison's blog :o) Sounds like you have had a lot of change this year!!