Sunday, 14 November 2010

Not sure what to call this???

Forgive me bloggers, it's been seven weeks since my last blog.
It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride with more lows than highs but life goes on so here I am.

We had a period of time where both DH and I were out of work which was trying to say the least. I got very depressed and didn't even want to talk for a while. I won't even go into what that was like.

We are both working now but the change has been hard. DH has a job which is OK but nowhere near as much autonomy as his previous role and I have a job which is a lot less pay and responsibility. So not great for either of us. I find it hard to handle change so it's taken a while to settle in plus my boss makes me feel like a bitter disappointment. The other people in my department are OK. But it's only a twelve month contract so this time next year I will be looking again! Lets hope things pick up a bit before then.

Anywho the most important thing to happen recently is that my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Max. He was 10 weeks early so is still in special care but he is doing well. He weighed just over 3lb at birth and is now nearly 4lb but still suffering from jaundice. He didn't need a ventilator which was great news but he has stopped breathing a couple of times which is very scary for his parents. They are exhausted, bless them. So I have been visiting when I can but I have had a cold for the last week and had to stay away :-(
Can't wait to see him again soon.

Isn't he gorgeous?

On band news. I might as well not have one.
Next subject?

I will spend the next week trying to catch up with you all. Hope you are all doing well.

Take care x


  1. FiFi... That's amazing, and he's gorgeous. As for the band, it will be there when you're ready to work it so don't stress it. I have been struggling myself and i am going to get a fill and do the 5 day pouch diet to get back on track. I haven't gained luckily but I've hardly lost anything in a month or more... i went on vacation and ate all kinds of things I haven't been eating in 7 months and even though I didn't gain weight... I am struggling to detox from the abundance of carbs and sugar. I am a mess... but I will get back there and I am still 93 pounds down... Fingers crossed, I will have lost 100 pounds soon. *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..."

  2. It has been very quiet in blog land, of the blogs I follow, I have been wondering where everyone is. I suffer from depression myself and still do. Sounds as though you are pulling through. Hope your job gets better for you too. Take care

  3. Missed you!! Take very good care of yourself!!

  4. Hey Fiona! I've missed you! Glad to see you posting. Congrats to your sister -- he's a darling little guy!

  5. Good to hear from you, but sorry you've gone through a rough patch. Max is a cutie. My sister-in-law had a girl about a month ago and I love holding her.

  6. So nice to see you back. Max is gorgeous, congratulations.
    I hope that your job gets better.
    I've been just like you, I'm vowing to get back on track but its just so hard. We can do it!

  7. Thanks everyone for your positive comments. It is such a lift to know you are not alone.
    x thanks x

  8. What a cutie!

    Hope things get back where you want them to be.