Tuesday 15 February 2011

just a quickie

I have not blogged, (read or written) for ages!
I have been so consumed with my new job and my new nephew that everything else has faded into the background.

I have given up feeling guilty about this fact as it serves no useful purpose other than to make me feel bad about myself. And that doesn't help with the weight loss.

And on that subject I have totally lost the plot. I have very little restriction, continuous hanger and have gained 10lb. This is while attending Weight Watchers but to be fair its not their fault.

My surgeon has completely abandoned me and the last time I called for a fill I was told that I would need to see the dietitian first to see why I needed a third fill. When I was reading and keeping up with the blogs it seemed that those of you that had the band fitted about the same time as me had lots more than 2 fills.

Not sure if i said before but my port was fitted upside down which makes fills a real struggle. Just lately my port has been painful and uncomfortable, which i am putting down to the weight I have gained. This is making me reluctant to visit the surgeon in case he decides there is a problem with the port. Generally I am not down or depressed but just a bit disappointed with myself and the band. Mainly me, I must admit.

Anywho, I am now trying out a mainly protein based diet of shakes, meal replacement bars and meat or fish. This seems to be helping the hunger pangs and the weight is coming off slowly.

I am going to dive through some of your blogs and try to pick up some tips on protein meals and also see how you are all doing.

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day.
Good Luck and thanks for listening.

Fiona x


  1. Happy V Day and glad to have you back. Sounds silly that your surgeon won't give you another fill. I have had 4 fills and was banded 5/10. My last fill was in November. Maybe you should consider a new surgeon.

  2. Fiona, I think you need a new fill doctor. Where are you? My understanding is that the average person requires 3-5 fills to reach the green zone. You should not have to rely on diet aids to lose weight. The band is designed to work best with regular food.

    I know in the U.S. we can chose a different doctor or clinic, but I don't know how your system works there. I think you need to try to find someone who will work with you because your current surgeon sounds like he is not on your side. good luck and keep us posted!

  3. You totally need to find a new doctor. You should be getting fills until you feel restriction.

  4. Just checking to see if you'll still receive this. If so, PLEASE contact me! I've been thinking of you, and hoped you'd post again (and IF you want help with the Band, I'm here for you...if not, we can still talk about life...and makeup!). Hey, we're coming your way in May...my first trip to London!

    Anyway, hope you'll get this! I miss you!